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Youna LepanI was born and raised in Paris, but I’ve lived in different cities of France such as Bordeaux, Arles and Marseille. I also have Caribbean roots from my father, who is originally from Guadeloupe.

I initially studied Art and Cultural Administration at university but most of my experiences have been linked to the education field. Among other experiences, I led workshops for kids in a contemporary museum in France and worked for an edutainment startup in Singapore which featured workshops in French and English.

I love traveling the world and at 18 years old, I started backpacking through Eastern Europe and Balkans, South America and more recently in South East Asia during my stay in Singapore in 2016. I arrived in New York in 2017 and I immediately felt at home in this incredible city where cultures, languages, and nationalities are plentiful.

I am so excited to be part of the Bilingual Nest team and work in a multilingual environment!