Our team works hard to improve the services we offer, and our clients’ testimonials are proof that our hard work paid off. Read about our clients’ experiences in working closely with us.

4 responses to “Parents Testimonial”

  1. “Our son has been attending the pre-K Spanish program at Bilingual Nest for over a year, and we have been impressed with his teachers along with his teacher’s assistants. They are caring, creative, hardworking, passionate and engaging. They put a lot of thought into their lesson planning and ensure that they stay close to each child’s individual needs and growth and development, which comes through clearly during our daily chats as well as our parent-teacher conferences. They have been very helpful in growing our son’s academic, social-emotional and listening skills as well as contributing to his potty-training journey.

    We are also grateful for the compassionate and effective leadership and management of Bilingual Nest. Along with the teachers, we are very thankful for Vanessa and Linda, who have made our son’s transition to and experience at Bilingual Nest a safe, warm and enriching one.

    Furthermore, we have deeply appreciated and benefitted from the connections to a diverse group of parents and families at Bilingual Nest. Not only do families take the time to learn the children’s names and greet each other, but they are also willing to exchange helpful information and tips. It’s a strong community and culture that deeply resonates with us and we are fortunate to be a part of.”

  2. “My daughter started in the infant class at Bilingual Nest when she was nine months old, transitioned to the toddler class at age 1 and is now in the preschool class. At each stage she has flourished socially and developmentally under the guidance of her teachers and administrators who are dedicated, attentive, caring, and professional. Her teachers even helped her with learning to walk! Most importantly, my daughter truly loves going to school! Arts, music, age-appropriate education and play time are incorporated into the well-rounded curriculum on a daily basis in English and French; as a result my daughter has advanced in both languages. I am incredibly happy that we are a part of the BN family.”

  3. “We’ve had our son at Bilingual Nest for the last six months and in that time I’ve been so impressed by his teachers and their ability to encourage learning and creativity in kids less than a year old (who knew how many things you could make out of hand and footprints!). The school itself is clean and welcoming and fosters a nice sense of community by hosting special events for both kids and parents over the course of the year.”

  4. “We are very happy with Bilingual Nest. We have been continually witnessing our daughter’s positive learning development within the past year that she’s been there. We love the teachers and she is always very happy and excited to be there, which to us is the best feeling that we can have as parents when entrusting our child to others!”

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