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Veronica Gillian Forte-BarteeBorn and raised in the beautiful, small, tropical, Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago, northeast of Venezuela. It’s the land of steel pan and soca music. I consider myself a fun, friendly and energetic individual who likes reading books, listening to music, and traveling. I am one of eight siblings (seven girls and one boy). Being the seventh sister, known and addressed by family and friends as “Gillian or Jill”, for many years I was the baby of the family. That is; until twelve years later my one and only brother Kareem came along. Finally, my mom got the boy she always wanted. Growing up in such a large family I had lots of nieces and nephews to practice my babysitting skills. On many occasions during my teenage years I was called upon my older sisters to help take care of their little ones, to provide fun activities and help with their homework. It is where I developed my love for kids and decided to pursue a career working with kids.

In 1997 I immigrated to the United States of America and now currently live in the city that never sleeps, New York City. Upon arrival, I started working as a nanny for a family for almost 10 years. This solidified my experiences with children from 0 months to 13 years plus. In my quest to advance in my career, I pursued and earned the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration “Cum Laude” in Computer Information Systems. A few years later I went on to further my education by acquiring a master’s degree at The City University of New York Lehman College and obtained a Master’s degree “Master Of Science In Education” Childhood Elementary Education. During that time I took and passed the required exams to become a New York State certified teacher. For the past three years, I worked at public school 126X as a general education teacher, I taught fifth grade for one year and third for two years. It brings such a joy in my life when I see the expression on my students’ faces when they accomplish an obstacle in their work! I am looking forward to seeing that same expression on your child at Bilingual Nest! I am fully committed to taking care of your child. It is one of my top priorities as I am 100% dedicated to your child’s education, safety and well-being.