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Amanda CohenMy name is Amanda Cohen and I’m proud to call the Bilingual Nest my new home.

Speaking many different languages have always taken a big part in my family. I speak French, English, Chinese fluently and understand a little of Spanish.

I have been teaching and am in the education field for the past three years. I always knew I wanted to be around children when I was young.

I was born in New York, grew up in Nice, France from a French mother and an American father. Later on, I studied Chinese, Business and Marketing in college and graduated from SKEMA Business School in 2010. I got sent in a double-degree program in Beijing for a year and graduated in Business from Capital University of Economics and Business the same year.

As a matter of fact, I lived in China for the past seven years where I worked in trade and marketing for four years.

Until I decided to officially switch careers and go in the education field. Best decision of my life. I taught in a preschool in Shanghai to Chinese children from 2 years-old to 10 years-old. It was eye-opening. Afterwards, I moved out of China for good and relocated to Baltimore where I helped with developing a local preschool. I officially settled in New-York a few weeks ago and will be responsible for the administration of Bilingual Nest.

Very excited to be part of the school’s growth!