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Introduce Your Child to These Types of Art

Studies show that art helps in the development of your child. Immersing your child in art at an early age can help in developing their creativity and brain functioning, such as patterning skills, decision-making, and memory recall. You may also read our list of the effects of introducing art to your child here. We are … Continue reading

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Effects of Introducing Art to Your Child

Any activity that involves creativity and the expression of one’s ideas, thoughts, and feelings is considered art. Studies show that art impacts children’s development positively. As a daycare in Harlem, New York, dedicated to creating positive change in children’s lives, we believe that immersing your child in different art forms is very beneficial to them. … Continue reading

Helping Your Child Overcome Separation Anxiety

Children tend to be clingy to their parents. That is not surprising because their world revolved around their families from the day they were born. But they will grow up and start schooling. The time will come when they have to attend French-English bilingual preschool. Aside from learning basic skills like toileting, handwashing, and other … Continue reading

Beyond Words: Teaching Kids Non-Verbal Communication

Communication is a way we connect with people around us, even our pets. And without it, we cannot understand each other. However, it is not only through words we can express ourselves. And we must teach our youngsters non-verbal ways to show how they feel. Find out its importance for your children under childcare programs … Continue reading

What Are the Advantages of Imaginative Play?

Imaginative play is unstructured, open-ended activity with no specific goals. We should not undervalue the value of creative play; it is more than just acting or role-playing. Pretend or imagined play is essential for your child’s healthy growth and included in childcare programs. Consider the following advantages: Children have a natural way of bonding and … Continue reading

The Building Blocks of Education

Our children are changing and growing daily; the CDC reports that their brain expands and connect faster in their first eight years than at any other time in their lives, and we must provide them with the foundation they need to succeed. Early childhood development is the foundation of quality education. So, what can we … Continue reading