Jessica Robinson

My name is Jessica Robinson, I was born in Brooklyn NY, raised in Harlem NY, and now I reside in The Bronx: I am definitely a New York native!

My first employment experience was working at an after-school enrichment program helping younger children with their homework, while I was only 14. This is when I realized that I wanted to be an educator. I studied Early Childhood Education at Borough of Manhattan Community College. I then gave birth to my only child, who is now a thriving 6 years old.

I love working with children because every day there’s something different. They’ll love you one minute and won’t know how to feel about you the next.

My career goal is to be remembered by a child whom I’ve helped shape the life. We all have that one after-school teacher, educator, or camp counselor that we’ll never forget. One that helped shape their lives in a positive way. I could only hope to be that for as many children as I can.