Linda El Khedri

Born and raised in Lorient (a small town in the Brittany region of France). I also lived in the south of France for 8 years before I re-located to Los Angeles (U.S.A.).

I am of North African origins (Algerian and Tunisian).

My educational background is in Marketing Administration and Management (Bachelor’s) and Human Resources Management (Master’s).

At 18-years-old, I took my first trip outside of France. I went to Galicia, Spain where I did an internship with the company ZARA for 1 month. Since this experience I developed the taste for travelling, learning new languages, as well as the desire to explore new cultures.

I consider myself to be a caring, fun, open-minded, team building, and energetic individual who adores children and wishes to explore the world.
Since my arrival in New York (February of 2019), I have quickly grown accustomed to the lifestyle. I am happy to start my new life and grow here in the big apple.