Creative Activities to Enhance Bilingualism at Home


Fostering bilingualism in your children can be rewarding yet challenging. However, with the right approach, you can make language learning a fun and engaging experience for your little ones. As a bilingual preschool in Harlem, we have enumerated creative activities to enhance bilingualism at home:

  • Storytelling
    Gather your children around for storytelling sessions where you read aloud bilingual storybooks. Choose tales that feature simple language and vivid illustrations to captivate their interest. After reading each page in one language, repeat the story in the other language. Encourage your children to ask questions and discuss the story in both languages.
  • Cooking
    Our French-English bilingual daycare recommends turning mealtime into a bilingual learning experience. Choose simple recipes and label ingredients with their names in both languages. Practice vocabulary related to food, cooking utensils, and cooking actions as you cook together.
  • Language Journals
    Please encourage your children to keep language journals where they can write or draw about their daily activities in both languages. Please provide them with bilingual journals or create one together using blank notebooks. Set aside time each day for journaling and encourage your children to express themselves freely in both languages.
  • Multilingual Music and Dance
    Explore music and dances from different cultures by introducing your children to multilingual songs and dances. Teach your toddlers French or Spanish,and dance along as you sing the lyrics together.

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