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How to Determine Your Child’s Learning Style

How to Determine Your Child’s Learning Style

It is parents’ responsibility to enroll and provide proper education to their children. Regardless of enrolling them in an educational institution like the preschool in Harlem, it is the role of parents to assist their children in learning and developing their mental capacity.

One thing challenging about this parent’s responsibility is when children see learning as a traumatic activity, like their experiences in daycare in Harlem, New York. With this, parents must know their child’s learning style. This is to ensure that parents will be able to maximize their time assisting their children in their own learning experiences.

Some children prefer to learn and grasp concepts through visuals, some likes listening, and others love to learn through experience. If parents will know this stuff, the learning experience for children will always be fun and exciting.

As a leading provider of daycare in West Harlem, New York, we at Bilingual Nest believe in the following styles that parents should know:

  • Auditory Style
    Aural learners, as the name implies, rely on auditory resources to acquire and retain knowledge as effectively as possible. These students are usually good listeners who enjoy listening to rhymes and have musical ability.
  • Kinesthetic Style
    Kinesthetic learners prefer to feel the content and engage in hands-on activities. As a result, people prefer to explore rather than read about a subject.
  • Visual Style
    Visual learners are keen observers of their surroundings who enjoy art. When gazing at a photograph or painting, these students tend to delve deeper.

Please feel free to reach us to know more about these types of learners and to help you know your child’s learning style. You can also enroll your child in any of our childcare programs.

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