Helpful Tips How to Raise a Bilingual Child


Some studies found that even though a household isn’t bilingual, you can still raise your child as bilingual. If you see any spark of learning in your child or if they have always been excited to learn new things, making them learn another language would be perfect. You can start by enrolling them in a bilingual daycare if you want to spark their interest in learning a new language.

If you are having a hard time how to raise your bilingual little ones, then this guide might help you out. Make sure to remember the following tips:

  • Play music and sing songs to them and try cooking together
  • Travel to places with them where the minority language is spoken
  • Add more books to your library and read aloud to your child every day
  • Look for a preschool in Harlem that includes learning a new language in their programs
  • Offer screen time in the minority language and buy them gifts to help their language development

Here at Bilingual Nest, a daycare/preschool in West Harlem, New York, we welcome students from all cultures and backgrounds and always value their identity and heritage. Our curriculum focuses in depth on bilingualism and the development of a second language while, from the early stages of their lives, developing our children’s fine and gross motor skills.

Should you have further questions regarding the childcare programs we offer, please feel free to contact us anytime. Our staff are always ready to answer any of your questions.

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