Which Is Easier to Learn? French or Spanish?

which-is-easier-to-learn-french-or-spanishMany people believe that Spanish is easier to learn than French. People frequently point out that spelling and pronunciation in French are far more difficult than in Spanish. True, Spanish is a phonetic language, which means that once you understand the rules for accentuation and pronunciation, learning new words in Spanish is fairly simple.

Spanish, on the other hand, has more verb tenses/moods and conjugations than French, which you must memorize and know how to use correctly to be understood. From this vantage point, it is simpler to become conversationally competent in French. The truth is that the answer to the question “Is French or Spanish easier to learn?” is neither. It is extremely subjective. Both languages present distinct challenges to English speakers attempting to learn them.

It really depends on the person in which language they are more willing to put more effort. Before diving into learning a new language, it is imperative that you do your research and dedicates as much time and patience to learning French, Spanish, or both.

Learning a new language should start early. Thus, Bilingual Nest, a trusted bilingual daycare West Harlem, offers comprehensive early childhood education that focuses on your child’s ability to learn or master a foreign language.

Allowing your child to receive childcare programs that offer language mastery is essential. Not only will it benefit them currently, but it will also provide a bigger impact in the future. Multilingual people are more likely to succeed academically and career-wise. They are also more empathetic and open to different world views.

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