Beyond Words: Teaching Kids Non-Verbal Communication


Communication is a way we connect with people around us, even our pets. And without it, we cannot understand each other.

However, it is not only through words we can express ourselves. And we must teach our youngsters non-verbal ways to show how they feel.

Find out its importance for your children under childcare programs below:

  • Facial expression
    This is a display of personal emotion and intention. Giving a nod and widening your eyes when they are telling a story can boost their morale and get them excited. A smile can lift their mood and lighten up their day.
  • Body movement
    You can wave your hand to say goodbye or when getting the toddlers’ attention. They will realize it is not a good time to talk when you’re crossing your arms or showing a stop sign with your hand.
  • Eye contact
    Making eye contact with preschool in Harlem,children, when they are speaking to you is an excellent way to show you are listening, engaged, and interested in what they say.
  • Touch
    Hugs and kisses are how we make our children feel they are safe and loved. It sends them a feeling of care when you give them a gentle touch on the arm and a sense of support when you pat their backs or touch their heads.

When you can’t find the right words to say, a simple gesture can be an alternative way. These should be observed at home and the daycare in Harlem, New York, for kids to master the art of communication through actions.

Our nursery in West Harlem, New York, encourages different ways of learning. Bilingual Nest will work hand-in-hand with parents in honing expressive and communicative children.

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