Helping Your Child Overcome Separation Anxiety


Children tend to be clingy to their parents. That is not surprising because their world revolved around their families from the day they were born. But they will grow up and start schooling. The time will come when they have to attend French-English bilingual preschool.

Aside from learning basic skills like toileting, handwashing, and other tasks requiring minimal supervision, your kids must learn to become more independent and do things on their own.

However, in our preschool in Harlem, some kids remain clingy to their parents, leading to separation anxiety. It keeps the kids from enjoying their school time, fixated on the thought that their parents might leave them.

What should parents and teachers in a French-English bilingual daycare do to handle separation anxiety?

  • Keep farewells short.
  • Explain calmly and positively why they have to stay at school.
  • Tell them you will come back and do as you promised.
  • Practice separation, like taking them to their grandparents for a short bonding time.
  • Keep everything consistent.

Educators and parents should work hand-in-hand to keep kids at ease at their nursery in West Harlem, New York. Find ways to get them excited to go to school. Always praise them for being good boys and girls and remind them when they were initially afraid but managed to accomplish something. That will give them the courage to remain at school without you.

Bilingual Nest is here to support children, parents, and teachers during the process. Call us at 212-665-3354 should you have other concerns or to learn more about our childcare programs.

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